Natural Disinfectant & Sanitizer

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Natural product

Totally safe

Instant effect 

Chlorine & Alcohol Free

Non-irritant, unscented, non-sticky liquid

99,999% efficiency against germs and viruses


About SterixEco

  • Proudly Produced in UAE

  • Operating with Medical Supplies License

  • Trusted & Used by UAE governmental authorities, public and private sectors

  • Multicultural & Fast Developing Organization

  • Expanding the Market Globally

  • Is part of Royal Group - Group of Companies

Disinfecting Liquids

  • Registered in UAE and certified in the UK, Ingredients approved by FDA in the USA

  • Patented Technology by USA Authorities

  • Natural Disinfectant - Food Grade Disinfectant, No Chlorine, No Alcohol

  • Restructured Disinfectant - Hypochlorous Acid Salt, charged with Restructured Water, No Alcohol

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Disinfecting devices
Home, Offices, Cars, Schools

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  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • IP Rights Reserved

  • Sprinklers, Misting, Fogging

  • Confidently Number 1 in UAE

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Disinfecting Of

  • Warehouses  

  • Apartments 

  • Educational centres 

  • HoReCа 

  • Governmental organisations  

  • Airports  

  • Personal usage  

  • Public transport


Product details

SterixEco disinfectant liquid is safe to use, wash with and inhale: it is an incredibly versatile product that can be used for the industrial and in-home needs.


SterixEco disinfectant helps UAE citizens and environment to stay safe and clean. It's an essential helper for municipalities to protect every single person from being COVID-19 infected. 

- Unscented
- No skin irritation
- 99,999% Efficiency Against Germs and Viruses

- 48 hours long-lasting

- Multi-purpose usage
- Recommended by professionals