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Product Details

- Unscented
- No skin irritation
- Kills 99,9% of germs & viruses 

- 48 hours long-lasting

- Multi-purpose usage
- Recommended by professionals

SterixEco disinfectant liquid is safe to use, wash with and inhale: it is an incredibly versatile product that can be used for the industrial and in-home needs.


SterixEco disinfectant helps UAE citizens and the environment to stay safe and clean being an essential helper for municipalities to protect every single person from being COVID-19 infected. 

Certified in UAE and UK

SterixEco is a trusted brand certified in UAE and United Kingdom. Disinfectant liquids are used for personal purposes and indoor/outdoor sanitation being 100% harmless. SterixEco got international accredited approvals in general such as ISO, MSL and Dubai Municipality for industrial usage.


Safe & Convenient

Due to the multi-purpose usage, SterixEco engineers have prepared disinfectant in various containers which are convenient to be held and stored. Canisters, barrels, cubes, bottles, etc.

SterixEco effectively kills viruses, bacteria, biofilms, fungi, mold, and spores. Constant inhibition of bacterial growth within 48 hours lasts health and safety protection. 

Created by qualified scientists

SterixEco production is made by qualified scientists who had invented an unscented disinfectant that is 100% safe for humans and the environment being proven by clinic tests in a well-trusted United Arab Emirates Medical Center.

Main Ingredients:

- 99% – 99.95% – Hydrogas - restructured drinking R.O. water

- 0,05%<= – Hypochlorous Acid Salt (sodium hypochlorite base)

- 6.2-8.8 – Product pH

News / Covid-19

Due to frequent requests: SterixEco disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners are also effective against Coronavirus.


It belongs to the enveloped viruses and is therefore very susceptible to SterixEco disinfectants.

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