Product details

SterixEco disinfectant liquid is safe to use, wash with and inhale: it is an incredibly versatile product that can be used for the industrial and in-home needs. SterixEco disinfectant helps UAE citizens and environment to stay safe and clean. It's an essential helper for municipalities to protect every single person from being COVID-19 infected.  


99% Natural




Kills Coronavirus


No skin irritation


99,999% Efficiency Against Germs and Viruses


48 hours long-lasting


Multi-purpose usage


Recommended by professionals

Most of the existing disinfectant and sanitizer liquids are made of hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant like chlorine, iodine, bromine, UV-light, and ozone. 


SterixEco disinfectant is based on two main ingredients:


The first one is chlorine hypochlorous acid-based salt [HOCl] which not only has properties of free-chlorine (in very small amounts 0,4%, because the 99,9% of disinfectant is water).


The second main ingredient is a unique Hydrogas technology created by our scientists. It is a very potent and deoxidant reducing gas that is produced from water. The hydro gas mixed with the water frees a high amount of electron and provides an electrical charge.


In total SterixEco disinfectant liquid is nothing else as a combination of free chlorine hypochlorous acid component, unique hydro gas, and the charge that is simultaneously infused into the water. This non-toxic compound kills all bacterias, viruses, and fungi and at the same time, it regenerates the living cells of microorganisms like human skin.


So the disinfectant can be used for years and it won't burn human skin but charge all cells which are in a bad condition or not growing well.