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SterixGate - Disinfection Gate

SterixGate is the disinfection channel to protect the entrances in any public place. A multipurpose gate which uses SterixEco restructured disinfectant liquid. 

When a person enters the gate it scans the body temperature in a contactless way and alerts if it is higher than normal. After the temperature test is done there is a process of full disinfection including hands, body, and shoes. SterixGate guarantees full protection of any kind of germs and kills 99,9% of viruses.

You may be sure that every person who has passed through the gate is fully sterilized with SterixEco disinfection liquid which is alcohol-free and totally safe for the human's health. Proofed by medical professionals

Public and municipal facilities such as Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Jumeirah Hotels and Dubai Central Laboratories Department have already set special smart sterilization equipment and furnished the entrances with the SterixGate to keep the employees and the visitors safe. 

Nowadays there is a forced trend to equip UAE public place's entrances with a disinfection gate. Municipal facilities, malls, and reopened restaurants set up an auto sanitizing gate to keep the visitors safe. When the person enters a disinfection channel, first of all, it checks the body temperature and then the disinfection fog gate turns on for the full-body sanitizing.  It takes just 3 seconds for a person to surpass a disinfection tunnel so it is quick and safe.

While Police Departments and other governmental places are already equipped with the sanitization channel there are still a lot of places in Dubai that should enhance the entrances with the disinfection gate. The disinfection fogger machine is filled with a restructured disinfectant created by the scientists, it contains hypochlorous acid-based salt and hydro gas. You can check up all the details about the disinfectant liquid by visiting this link. Disinfection tunnel makes getting from isolation easier and more calm knowing that you and all the surrounding people are safe. If you are interested in keeping Dubai and UAE safe send us a disinfection gate inquiry by choosing one of the contact methods.